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29 - 31 October, 2019
Tokyo, Japan


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New Products

Automatic Folding Machine
Model YUN-221
Productivity: 400 Garment/Hr
- Multipul Garment

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The " YAC JAPAN " Shirt Press

"The Highest Productivity Machines!!"

"240 System with 240 shirts per hour"

The fastest system with same working hour, same number of operators, and same foot print.

YAC Japan strikes for productivity with high speed press system to save cost and eventually improve profitability.


Why YAC Japan! What makes us the better!

100% made in Japan

We still designe and manufacture in Japan to keep the highest quality.

Well-known Japanese Parts Are Used

The Panasonic touch screen ‘operator interface’ provides user friendly access to trouble shooting, system set up, operation parameter changes and productivity monitoring. And the system is controlled by proven Panasonic PLC computer technology.

240 Shirts/Hour Press System Demonstration in Tokyo, Japanese
Operators press 240+ Shirts/Hour
(Combination with YPS-006, YPS-404 and YPS-503)

240 Shirts/Hour Press System Demonstration in Tokyo, Japan.
Two Operators press 200+ Shirts/Hour
(Combination with YPS-006, YPS-404 and YPS-503)

Model YUN-221 : 400 Garment/Hour Folding System Demonstration in Tokyo, Japan with Model YBF-002 Packing machine with an optional barcode printer.


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